Unique Solutions for your Business


A Real Difference

Atelier Matuvu proposes to Businesses, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cafés unique solutions to stand out from their competitors, solutions that catch the eye of their customers.

From handcrafted easels showcasing your menus, to outstanding Signs and Wall Arts in the Hallway of your Hotel or Business, our team and craftsmen will convert your concept and business identity into a 3D reality. 


Wood support, shape, thickness and color tones of your choice. Embellished with completely handmade metal designs that represent perfectly your Business and vision.

Atelier Matuvu mixes European Quality to Caribbean Talents and Creativity, offering you professional signs that will bring innovation and difference in your sphere of work.


Tired of seing the same old wooden easel? You’ve come to the right place. Our craftsmen will create easels that perfectly represent your business.

Easily make the difference with your competitors, grab the attention of your customers and remind them why they chose you.

100% Handmade and handpainted with designs that fit your business identity.

Wall Arts

Your idea, our know-how.

Our team will conceive with you 3D patterns that make a true difference in terms of decor.

Our Metal Wall Arts are completely handmade and handpainted by Artists, we can create different sizes, even X-large such as 70″ x 34″.

These Artworks are a perfect choice for any type of entrance or hallway as they make a real impact on visitors. 

Our team will help you create your very own.