Exotic Decorative Artworks

L’ Atelier Matuvu

Giraffe Metal Art

Handcrafted & Exotic

Atelier Matuvu brings to your homes and businesses the original artistry of Decorative Art, made from precious materials in an eco-friendly climate. They are handcrafted for you by talented Caribbean Artists with a soft spot for fine nature patterns and 3D manufacturing techniques.

Our strength and added value rely in the colorful handmade accessories that embellish each of our artwork. Atelier Matuvu will definitely bring that extra touch of brightness to your cozy spaces.

Rusted Bee Hanging


We take a particular pride in our handicraft know-how and expertise such as hand-cutting, sculpting, chisel-carving and custom artist painting. Each artworks are carefully manufactured by craftsmen who invest their time and hearts to give you elite tailor-made Decorative Arts. Indeed, our crafters will take your concept and turn it into an astonishing reality.

Handmade Plaque Spain


Atelier Matuvu artworks – wood or metal – are both treated for Rust and UV protection. Our artisans use Acrylic and Metallic paintings from high-quality brands. Additionally, each item has received an extra layer of protective varnish to ensure durability.

Our workshop is based in the Caribbean. On top of this region, we serve the American, European, Canadian and any other international market. Our location benefits from advantageous free trade agreements with major countries, which allow us to offer Free Shipping to many regions including USA.